I’m the mom of a couple of awesome kids, Max and Lulu.

Max is a bright, goofy, helpful, athletic, popular child, who loves cats, cartoons, and camping.  He’s also transgender.  He doesn’t have a political agenda by being transgender — he’s just a kid, being true to himself.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who want to treat Max differently and limit his rights because they have a political agenda, built on fear and misunderstanding.  And my sweet, innocent boy is on the receiving end of their bullying.

We will not give up until his equal rights are guaranteed.  Which is why we feel so passionately about sharing our real stories and experiences as a trans-inclusive family. My family isn’t so different from yours, after all. Put yourself in our shoes. What would you want someone reading this to do, to help protect your kids and family too? (Then go do that thing.)

I’m always happy to amplify the voices of trans-inclusive families.  For media requests and bookings, please contact contact me directly at amber@lovetothemax.net

You can also join my email list for updates on events, resources, and action items. I promise I won’t spam you. Important news only!

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