I’m the mom of a couple of awesome kids, Max and Lulu.

Max is a bright, goofy, helpful, athletic, popular child, who loves cats, cartoons, and camping.  He’s also transgender.  He doesn’t have a political agenda by being transgender — he’s just a kid, being true to himself.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who want to treat Max differently and limit his rights because they have a political agenda, built on fear and misunderstanding.  And my sweet, innocent boy is on the receiving end of their bullying.

We will not give up until his equal rights are guaranteed.  Which is why we feel so passionately about sharing our real stories and experiences as a trans-inclusive family. Once you see the world through Max’s big brown eyes, I’m convinced your heart will change — and that that will in turn change the world.

As a parent, I feel it’s important to teach my son how to defend himself against bullies: we’ve challenged the local sheriff, the Texas legislature, and the Trump administration, to name a few. And as a parent, I want to also teach him that it’s often more important to build bridges instead of walls, which is why we hosted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for dinner in our home — and shortly after that found ourselves as guests at the Obama White House to recognize our efforts to fight for the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people. Along with my husband, I was a founding member (and former national co-chair) of the Human Rights Campaign’s national “Parents for Transgender Equality Council” and currently serve as the “Equal Opportunity Issue” Chair for the League of Women Voters of Texas.

To see a more comprehensive list of our advocacy work, check this page out.

Trans lives matter, but the sad truth is that it’s still legal to discriminate against someone based on their gender identity, including sweet kiddos like Max — and I will do ANYTHING to protect him. I have a fire in my belly to fight for equal rights and protections for ALL Americans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This is important work. I hope you’ll join me.

You can learn more about my family’s journey as a trans inclusive family by viewing  my TEDx talk  “Transgender Kids Are Just Kids After All”. 

I’m always happy to amplify the voices of trans-inclusive families.  For media requests and bookings, please contact contact me directly at 940-536-8720 or amber@lovetothemax.net

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