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Public advocacy is my passion! Here’s some stuff I’ve been up to. For media requests, please contact or tweet @mrsbriggle

April 2021:
Texas Mom Gives Emotional Testimony Defending Trans Son at Hearing on Controversial Bill (People Magazine)
Mother of trans son in Texas goes viral after emotional speech to lawmakers (The Hill)
Tearful mother urges Texas lawmakers not to pass bill that would classify supporting transgender children as abuse (CBS News)
‘It’s not safe’: Parents of transgender kids plan to flee their states as GOP bills loom (NBC News)
Brave trans girls receives death threats after shaming lawmakers for ‘attacking’ her rights (PinkNews)
Mother gives powerful speech against Texas bill that would classify supporting transgender children as abuse (CBS News)
Tearful mom begs Texas lawmakers not to throw her in jail for supporting her trans child (LGBTQ Nation)
‘Terrified’ mother fears trans son will be ‘taken away from her’ for speaking out against healthcare ban (PinkNews)
4th grader who shamed Texas Republicans for attacking her rights is now getting death threats (LGBTQ Nation)
Rep. Stucky co-authors bill to classify trans kids’ health care as child abuse (Denton Record Chronicle)
Transgender girl gets death threats after asking Texas lawmakers to defend her rights (The Independent)
Amber Briggle dénonce le projet de loi anti-trans du Texas (Marseilles News)
Transgender 4th Grader Kai Shappley Gets Death Threats After Testifying Before Texas Legislature (Newsweek)

January 2020:
Supporters hope LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance passes this year (Denton Record-Chronicle)

November 2019:
More than 2,000 people sign letter opposing Ted Cruz on Dallas transgender custody case (Dallas Morning News)
The Texas Attorney General Promised to Remember My Transgender Son. His Recent Actions Show He’s Forgotten (TIME)
Panelists Talk Double Edged Sword of Transgender Visibility (Denton Record-Chronicle)
Texas Custody Battle Fuels Debate Over Transgender Rights (VIDEO: ABC Nightline)

July 2019:
Debate Fires Up in Denton Over LGBTQ Discrimination Ordinance (VIDEO: NBC DFW)
Public Forum Saturday to Discuss Denton LGBTQ Anti-Discrimination Ordinance (VIDEO: NBC DFW)
Denton mom says it’s time for anti-discrimination ordinance to protect LGBTQ rights (VIDEO: WFAA)
Panelists weigh in on whether Denton needs an LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance (Denton Record-Chronicle)

January 2019:
An open letter to trans and nonbinary youth (Denton Record-Chronicle)
Flag flown over state Capitol honored transgender Texans, Denton mom says (Dallas Morning News)

November 2018:
Local Church Talks Evolving Language, Cultural Norms, Around Transgender Week (Denton Record Chronicle)
Denton library raises awareness through storytelling (Denton Record Chronicle)
National policy impacts Denton’s transgender community (Denton Record Chronicle)

October 2018:
Dressed for the Protest (podcast interview)

August 2018:
Massage therapy business donates $2500 to children’s museum (Denton Record Chronicle)
Class canceled after adults threaten ‘open hunting season’ on 12-year-old transgender Oklahoma girl (Dallas News)

June 2018:
Burgess shouted down at town hall over Trump border policy (Denton Record Chronicle)
2 dads wore dresses to their kids’ school after officials said one boy couldn’t (A Plus)
HRC’s Parents for Trans Equality Council and family members celebrate Pride (Human Rights Campaign)
My son is trans. This is how hard it is to get him gender affirming care. (INTO)
#AM Equality Tipsheet: June 8, 2018 (HRC)

February 2018:
Parents of transgender children give education secretary an ‘F’ in civil rights (Denton Record Chronicle)
Parents of Transgender Children Write Letter Calling Out Betsy DeVos for her Anti-Trans Record (Metro Weekly)
More than 700 Parents sign HRC letter condemning Secretary DeVos (Human Rights Campaign)

October 2017:
Trans children don’t always “come out,” you know (Refinery29)

September 2017:
What back to school is like for trans kids (Refinery29)

August 2017:
Mom comforts her crying son in photo that shows who transphobic legislation really hurts (Scary Mommy)
HRC sits down with Parents for Transgender Equality Council’s Amber and Adam Briggle (Human Rights Campaign)
Burgess stands his ground during town hall meeting (Denton Record Chronicle)
What nobody talks about when we talk about school “bathroom bills” (Lifetime)

July 2017:
Denton Business owners speaking out against bathroom bill (Denton Record Chonicle)
After a photo of her trans son crying went viral, a Texas mom is speaking out (A Plus)
Texan mother explains heartbreaking photo of sobbing transgender son (Newshub)
Texas small business owners speak out against transgender bathroom bill (San Antonio Express)
Amber Briggle and the strength of American motherhood (Huffington Post)
Here’s what Texans said about the Texas legislature regulating bathrooms (Texas Tribune)
Meet the fierce Texas moms standing up for trans kids (INTO)
The Heartbreaking Reason Why This Transgender Boy is Crying (Women’s Health)
Photo of trans boy in Texas shows exactly who is affected by ‘bathroom bills’ (Huffington Post)
The story behind the viral Express-News photo of a transgender boy crying at the capitol (San Antonio Express)
This mom comforting her crying son shows the real pain trans kids go through (Good Housekeeping)
Texas mom speaks out about bathroom bill (VIDEO: CTV News Channel)
That viral photo of my trans son crying? Here’s what really was going on (Refinery29)
Transgender Troops are fighting for this country. Will our country fight for them? (Huffington Post)

June 2017:
Texas lawmakers,oh”bathroom bill” opponents prepare for round two (Texas Tribune)
Mothers of Transgender Kids to Fight Against Bathroom Bill  (VIDEO: WFAA)
Bathroom Bill another way to ‘bully’ transgender kids, mothers say (Dallas News)
Roundtable conversation with Human Rights Campaign and Equality Texas (VIDEO: Facebook Live)
A Mother Writes: Dear Speaker Straus (TribTalk)

May 2017:
Denton ISD officials say bathroom restrictions won’t change process (Denton Record Chronicle)

April 2017:
Transgender Denton Boy Gets New Birth Certificate (VIDEO: WFAA)
Transgender Denton Boy Gets New Birth Certificate (Breitbart)

March 2017:
How Transgender Students and Their Families Are Fighting For Their Rights (Teen Vogue)
Cooley Submits a Powerful — and Personal — Brief in Transgender Bathroom Case (
Supreme Court of the United States (ACLU)
Bold Celebration (Denton Record Chronicle)

February 2017:
Trump fears come true for LGBTQ (USA Today)
New Trump Administration Order Lets States Bully Transgender Students (Daily Beast)
Denton mom of transgender son takes on Trump administration (VIDEO: WFAA)
Trump administration rolls back protections for transgender students (Washington Post)
Talking to Elementary School Kids About Transgender Identity (Huffington Post)

January 2017:
Texas Mother of Trans Son Feels ‘Forgotten’ After State Officials Support Anti-LGBT Bill (Out Magazine)

December 2016:
Local folks who made a difference in 2016 (Denton Record Chronicle)
White House Invites Family of a Local Transgender Boy to Attend Rogue One Screening (Dallas Observer)
Family at center of transgender policy debate gets White House invite (VIDEO: FOX4)
Briggle Family to Catch Flick at White House (Denton Record Chronicle)
Briggles take in ‘Rogue One’ at White House (Denton Record Chronicle)
Texas Family Pushes Back against proposed Bathroom Bill (VIDEO: TWC News)

November 2016
Parents of Denton transgender student join Human Rights Campaign (VIDEO: FOX 4)
Denton family joins Transgender Parents’ Council (VIDEO: WFAA)

October 2016
See who readers nominated in Week One for Texan of the Year (Dallas Morning News)

September 2016:
Ken Paxton meets with transgender Denton boy and his family (VIDEO: FOX 4)
Mom of transgender boy receives some hate mail but mostly support (VIDEO: NBC 5)
Ken Paxton had a completely normal dinner with the family of a transgender kid (Dallas News)
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Has Dinner with Family of Transgender Boy (VIDEO: NBC 5)
Texas Attorney General dines with local mother of transgender child (Dallas Observer)
Family invites Paxton to dinner to put a face on transgender issues (Denton Record Chronicle)
Atty General Ken Paxton shares dinner with transgender boy and his family (VIDEO: WFAA)
Texas family of transgender son invites anti-LGBT Attorney General Ken Paxton for dinner (OUT magazine)

August 2016:
Ken Paxton agrees to have dinner with Denton transgender boy and his family (Dallas Morning News)
Family of transgender child asks Texas AG to dinner: he says yes (VIDEO: WFAA)
This Mom and Her Transgender Son Invited Ken Paxton to Dinner.  He Said Yes. (AUDIO: KUT)
This Mom and Her Transgender Son Invited Ken Paxton to Dinner. He Said Yes. (AUDIO: Texas Standard)
In Texas Transgender Suit, Who’s Facing Harm? (Texas Observer)
Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender School Bathroom Order (VIDEO: NBCDFW)
The Bathroom Bill isn’t about transgender Texans. It’s about the politics of fear (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
Texas: Obama Administration transgender rules ‘hold a gun to the head’ of school districts (Dallas Morning News)
No ruling made Friday in federal transgender case (Times Record News)
‘Still working on it’ : No ruling made Friday in federal transgender case (Abilene Reporter News)

June 2016:
Mom of transgender student: ‘I wasn’t going to box my child into a life of depression’ (VIDEO: WFAA)
Boyhood Found (Denton Record Chronicle)
The Tip-Off (Denton Record Chronicle)

May 2016:
Family of Denton Transgender Student Reacts to Bathroom Debate (VIDEO: NBC DFW)

April 2016:
Denton County Sheriff’s Candidate Clarifies Facebook Post on Transgender Community (VIDEO: CBS DFW)
Denton County GOP Sheriff Candidate Tracy Murphree Calls for Violence Against Transgender People Needing to Pee (Dallas Observer)