How to pass an Equality Ordinance! (Let’s do this, y’all!)

City council works for US, not the other way around! Which means that we the people want an Equality Ordinance, they'll only prioritize this if we prioritize it first. Here's a rundown of where we're at, a glimpse at local politics that could affect this, and some solid action items for you to participate in! Share widely! #yallmeansall

An open letter to trans and non-binary youth

We hope you didn’t read the religion column that the Denton Record-Chronicle published last week, where a minister forgot the calling of love. He thinks using your pronouns is “too PC,” so he’s not going to try. Like bullies often do, he tries to pass off his cruelty as humor. We hope the adults in your life don’t laugh alongside him because you are not something to be made fun of.

It’s Not Pie: Equal rights for others doesn’t mean fewer rights for you.

It’s time for Denton — and indeed our nation — to stand up for the rights of everyone, including the LGBTQ community and trans kids like my son, Max. We’ve done it before for other minority groups, and we can do it again. Anything less, quite frankly, is un-American.