How to pass an Equality Ordinance! (Let’s do this, y’all!)

City council works for US, not the other way around! Which means that we the people want an Equality Ordinance, they'll only prioritize this if we prioritize it first.

Here's a rundown of where we're at, a glimpse at local politics that could affect this, and some solid action items for you to participate in! Share widely! #yallmeansall

The Texas Attorney General Promised to Remember My Transgender Son. His Recent Actions Show He’s Forgotten

All those of us with transgender kids are asking is for politicians to stay out of our private lives and let us continue to raise our children in the most loving environments we can provide. For political leaders who care so much about privacy, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

It’s Not Pie: Equal rights for others doesn’t mean fewer rights for you.

It’s time for Denton — and indeed our nation — to stand up for the rights of everyone, including the LGBTQ community and trans kids like my son, Max. We’ve done it before for other minority groups, and we can do it again. Anything less, quite frankly, is un-American.

You lost your race. But don’t lose hope.

It was a great campaign: one that I was truly proud of. I got 560 votes -- one more than the total number of all the votes cast in the entire district when this seat was up for election last time. So before I left the house to go to my election watch party, I cried. Ugly tears. Big, fat, angry, pissed off tears of frustration and rage. I knew I was going to lose...

Leading with a heart: A thank you to Kathleen Wazny

In January of 2015 I filed paperwork to become a city council candidate.  About a week earlier, my child and I sat down and finally addressed something we had needed to talk about several months – if not years – earlier: he wasn’t the daughter I thought I had, but rather, he was my son. … Continue reading Leading with a heart: A thank you to Kathleen Wazny